Agriturismo La Capezzagna

Events booking


Type of event: at the time of the booking we will be able to guarantee the availability of the chosen rooms.

Guarantee of reservation: as guarantee of your reservation we kindly ask you to send us the details of your credit card, if unable to make a bank transfer to confirm the event. 

Booking confirmation: a deposit equal to 30% of the amount due within 10 days is appreciated to confirm the booking. At the end of the event, the balance of the entire agreed amount.


Bank Transfer:
Agricola Agriturismo La Capezzagna di Lovato Mauro
Via Madonna del Rosario, 15 c.a.p. 66010 Ripa Teatina (Chieti)
Bank: Gruppo UBI Banca
Filiale di Tollo, via Roma nr.80 – c.a.p. 66010 Tollo – (Chieti)


International bank account details IBAN

C/C n 80445

Credit Cards: all banking systems are allowed. 


Cancellation of number of guests: the cancellation of the number of guests booked will not be charged upon notice within 5 days prior to the event. Otherwise the agreed amount will be charged. 

Penalty for late cancellation: up to 15 days before the date of the event, the deposit paid will be returned without interest, deducted the shipping charges. Cancellation made from the 14th day before the date of the event implicates the non-return of the entire deposit paid. 

Event balance: guests will pay the full amount at the end of the event.